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08 days left <33 - everybody loves a slavok!

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March 21st, 2006

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07:57 pm - 08 days left <33
i miss my boyfriend.
he gets out next wednesday :[
him & jimmie are friends in jail, i think thats funny. haha
jimmie needs a friend though, & he's changed so thats cool i guess. i wish the best for himm i hope that when he gets out he straightens his life out, and just focuses on himself and getting his life back to normal:[ thats all i care about. too long for me to ever be away from Zack though , he is my heart <33
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i still have my sammi poo though.
i love herrrr.

she got her apartment in graftion station, she was always meant to be a county kid,a nd i mean york County not gloucester county.
my birthday party at mikes was a blast i wish all my pictures i took didnt fuck up, but basically.. i got to see everybody, get really drunk, watch jayme throw a chair at drew tate :o, phonebooks, beer bongs, beer pong & frriiiiends, ihop & jacob smith with the syrup. (EW) mine & mikes birthday was the bomb diggity.
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i wanna go to cosmetology school when i graduate.
if i even go to college. haha

i have a photography field trip tomororw.
with Dookie <3 i love her she drives me up a wall though..
me & tracy are the only ones going tomorrow that i know of.. well besides my entire class but w/e..

besides that, im perfectly content with my life right now.
i love my friends, schools not that bad for me anymore (its going by real fast), nobodys fighting, & i love lovelove my boyfriend.
its all my sammi jayme hippie love, best friends, good times & beer.
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yes, BEER <3333
BEER. is <3333 haha

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Date:March 22nd, 2006 11:06 am (UTC)
hahah lindsey, iLOVEu
your my best friend ever<3<3
always love me.

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